Variety Pack Solution

By Packaging Digest Staff in Automation on April 05, 2014

Variety Pack Solution

What it is...

By utilizing a variety of our robot types, BluePrint Automation can build a turnkey varietypack solution, handling your product from the end of processing through palletizing.

How it works…

Varying flavors/styles of product are fed to our vision-guided robots from bulk feeding systems.  Our vision-guided robots are an overhead supported, three or four axis robot, with a large working envelope. Product enters the working envelope via multiple product in-feeds (one per flavor/style).  After being detected and quality inspected by a highly accurate vision system, the robot takes the input from the camera, goes directly to the product and re-orientates the product while placing each variety in the container specified!

A complete variety pack is then sealed and case-packed using one of our robotic case-packing systems.  The cartons/trays are collated and picked by a specially designed end-effector, ensuring smooth placement into the secondary container.

A complete turnkey solution is achieved by including:

Product Inspection, Product Settling, Product Handling, Case Erecting/Closing, Case Inspection, Palletizing and/or Stretch-Wrapping

The benefits…

  • Expandable for any product count/configuration
  • Flexible:  Loads unbalanced product counts
  • Dynamic loading of product into display trays
  • High efficiency and throughput
  • Accepts product from bulk using proprietary
    BluePrint Automation feeding technology


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