Innovative bag-in-box packaging

By Packaging Digest Staff in Beverage Packaging on January 26, 2014


DrinkInBoxThe days of the dripping on the surface bag-in-box (BIB) are about over, thanks to the DRINKinBOX - TABLEWELL for all types of liquids based on the BIB principle. It is simple to use: put a glass under the tap and fill it without any spill or stain on tabletop or carpet.


The basic technology is simple and inexpensive: A cardboard platform helps to raise the bag, making it easier to fill a container through the tap. This also helps void nearly 100 percent of the contents.


The package volume can range from 0.75 Liters up to 10 Liters. Two versions are available:
• For typical volumes, the DRINKinBOX CO2;
• For larger volumes, the PETinBOX uses a PET bottle in a corrugated box with integrated delivery system.

The PETinBOX is particularly attractive as an effective and environment friendly substitute for metal party drums.

DRINKinBOX is an international full-service supplier in the field of packaging and POS, development of digital virtual packaging, graphics, data creation for print; printed samples and test delivery.
Co-packing and logistics services complete the range of services.


Phone: +41-79-422 55 44
E-Mail: Demetrio Weishaupt, [email protected]




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