Packaging Patent: Interactive coating adds impact to can ends

By Rick Lingle in Beverage Packaging on February 13, 2014

Who doesn’t like color-changing inks on packaging? This patent solves a problem associated with their use on common metal packaging components including aluminum beverage can ends.


Thermochromic inks permit predetermined, reversible color changes at specific temperatures for adding marketing impact, product differentiation and other graphic functionality to packaging.


This patent filing published in February 2014 assigned to Chromatic Technologies, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, relates to improving the durability of thermochromic inks so that they are sufficiently hard enough to withstand common machine operations such as forming  beverage can lids, bottle caps, pull tabs and the like. The filing states that conventional thermochromic inks are generally unsuited for these manufacturing stresses.


The patent relates to using a blend formulated with thermochromic microcapsules and polymer resins resulting in a mixture to which is added a particular type of catalyzing acid that rapidly cures the inks without activating them.


What all this chemistry means is that we may anticipate new applications of thermochromic inks that will make ends a more reliable means to justify a more impactful can, providing yet another option for canmakers and, ultimately, brand owners.


Source: Fresh Patents



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