Powerpak Industries LLC

Powerpak’s “original” Century Press heat seal unit dates back as far as 1949 in the city of Montreal.

Peter Green, the inventor of the rotary blisterpack seal unit, was the pioneer and originator of blister packaging. He spent countless hours perfecting the chemical relationship between board and P.V.C.

Originally, blister packaging was designed to prevent pilferage. Over time it has become a highly preferred packaging method, as well as an excellent marketing tool. A visually appealing package gives maximum product identification to the consumer.

Since 1984, Robert Green, son of Peter Green, carries on the family tradition through the San Diego-based POWERPAK Industries. Building on the time proven rotary concept, POWERPAK has developed new patented versions for sealing clamshells and blister packs; and continues to set new industry standards for reliability, portability and performance.

Supplier Categories: 
Clamshells and Thermoformed Containers
We can supply all the materials needed for retail packaging from initial concept to completion in a cost-efficient manner. Our products run quietly and economically; and are suited for a variety of jobs such as blister cards, clamshells, and more.