Grayling Industries

Grayling Industries, an ILC Dover company, is a manufacturer of specialized flexible film products.

We make safety products for contamination control on asbestos abatement projects and we make industrial packaging products for shipping and storage of bulk liquids and dry flowable products.

Grayling was founded in Atlanta Georgia in 1986. The company designed and built custom equipment and developed unique processes to manufacture a new and improved glovebag, which is a polyethylene enclosure designed to safely remove asbestos insulation from pipes found in many buildings built before1980. Graylings' improved glovebag design eventually led to success in capturing and leading the international market for glovebags and other environmental safety related products.

In 1990 Grayling Industries relocated the manufacturing operation from Atlanta to Juarez Mexico.

With the experience gained in manufacturing products for the asbestos abatement industry, all of which require 100% product performance due to the hazardous environments in which they are used, Grayling focused on other industrial applications that require dependable and durable flexible products.

In 1994 Grayling Industries began manufacturing Guardian liners to “form fit” the interior of bulk bags and other intermediate bulk containers. By form fitting a liner to the inside of the container, industrial processors found they were able to gain many efficiencies in their operations, including waste reduction and increased productivity. Within a short time, Grayling was again an industry leader, this time in the US market for form fitted liners for FIBCs.

Grayling has since introduced; pillow style and form fit style liners for liquid IBC applications, foil laminated form fit liners and round bottom drum liners. In addition to liners, Grayling also distributes IBCs for liquids and FIBCs for dry flowable products, as well as, other specialized products designed for industrial packaging.

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We manufacture the leading brands for the asbestos abatement and remediation industry worldwide, including Avail™ glovebags.