Case Packing Machinery

Case packing machinery performs an essential function for secondary packaging of primary packaging across the entire universe of packaged products.

“Case packing” is really three distinct operations: case erecting, case packing/filling and case sealing. Eachof these operations can be performed individually. Alternately, two or all three of these operations may be integrated into a single machine, such as case erecting integrated with case packing/sealing. Combinations of manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation are also feasible.

Common case styles include regular-slotted cases (RSC), which are the most commonly used of all case styles. Others—such as half-slotted cases (HSC), which have no top flaps, AFM (All Flaps Meet) or overlapping flaps—will be run on similar machines, though some modification may be required to handle them.

There are four approaches to case packing: side or end loading, wraparound packing, vertical loading (often called drop packing) and robotic loading.