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Gem Gravure is a premier provider of ink jet inks designed to mark any color or any surface. Combined with KBA-Metronic alphaJET printers, GEM inks create the right code every time.

Gem Marking & Coding is a premier provider of product identification equipment and inks for any application. Established in 1952, Gem pioneered marking systems for the wire & cable industry using patented wheel printing processes designed by Gem founder, Joseph Gemelli. Gem CEO, David Gemelli, introduced the first ink jet printers to the wire & cable industry in the 1980’s. Today we specialize in the design and production of the finest pigmented fluids in the market. Gem is the exclusive US and Canadian distributor for KBA-Metronic coding equipment.

A combination of ink jet, thermal transfer, hot stamp and thermal ink jet provide Gem customers with solutions for any marking application. The alphaJET into and alphaJET evo ink jet printers are compatible with pigmented or dye based inks. Combined with Gem’s wide range of ink colors and adhesion characteristics, they provide the perfect final code. The list of available ink jet or contact inks continues to expand. Recent offerings include patented inks for marking Fluorocarbons and wire harnesses. In-house expertise allows Gem to rapidly develop new ink products for ever changing customer needs. All Gem inks are designed and manufactured in the United States. All Gem inks are RoHS compliant.


Ink Jet Inks

After the coding is done, ink is what remains behind. Are you using the best ink for your process? The best ink marking product is the one that dries fast enough, survives your process and runs flawlessly in the printer. Marking inks should enhance your product and benefit your customer.Do you need more than basic black ink? You came to the right place. Gem’s chemists have extensive experience with pigmented systems…a range of colors for a range of applications. Let us show you how to add color where needed, blend into your label or even create an invisible code that is only detectable under special conditions. No need to give up performance for color. Soft pigmented inks can operate in the same equipment used for that basic black.At GEM, we are famous for ink.

alphaJet into

alphaJET into (continuous ink jet) prints economically in high quality, at fast production speeds, with low maintenance and is easy to operate. Featuring compact construction with a solvent recovery system for dramatically reduced solvent consumption, alphaJET into fits into your production line, flawlessly.

alphaJet mondo

alphaJET mondo (continuous ink jet) is fully tailored to meet practical production requirements and performs excellently. A simple to use, work-horse for simple reliable ink jet coding at a low price point.
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For over 60 years, GEM has designed and manufactured a line of high quality pigmented and dye based inks. Our ink jet product line includes bright whites, a range of opaque colors and environmentally friendly low VOC inks. All designed for flawless performance in the printer and on your package.
Gem Gravure is the exclusive North American distributor for KBA-Metronic CIJ, thermal transfer, thermal ink jet and hot stamp printers. alphaJET® ink jet printers can print bar codes, logos or expiration dates on virtually any surface. Economical coding at high speed with superior print quality.
The alphaJet mondo

See KBA-Metronic's alphaJet mondo continuous inkjet printer.

alphaJet evo & udaFORMAXX

See how the alphaJet evo continuous inkjet printer works with the udaFORMAXX.

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New inkjet inks are compared formulated for better adhesion to PTFE are compared with traditional gravure inks and typical continuous inkjet ink.
Reduce the use of methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) without sacrificing ink performance.
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