Iconotech provides simple, fast and flexible printing systems for in-house, just-in-time printing of shipping cases, multi-wall kraft bags and die cuts.

Since 1994, when Iconotech introduced its first printer for rsc cases, Iconotech printers have provided the most effective solution for in-house generic case printing programs for corrugated cases, kraft multi-wall bags, die cuts and blanks. Iconotech’s “plateless” printing technology produces high quality graphics and barcodes at a very low cost when compared to preprint or labels.

Iconotech printing systems are fast, flexible and user friendly. The cost savings generated by these benefits can be very substantial thanks to several key features:

  • Users have total control of graphics, bar codes and text on every job.
  • Changes are extremely simple and fast to make. There are no plate costs or lead times to slow production.
  • Corrugated costs are driven down dramatically by consolidating SKU's into common case sizes, allowing users to capture the tremendous savings of higher quantity discounts offered by their suppliers. Further savings can be realized by shopping generic inventory among corrugated suppliers
  • Generic inventories eliminate scrap, obsolescence and boost sustainability.
  • Iconotech printers are easy to operate and demand little maintenance.

All systems feature a standard print module with a 32" long x 11" high print field and a self-contained inking system. Users simply select the feeding system appropriate for what they are printing.

Iconotech equipment is made in the U.S.A.


Optimizer HF Printer

Iconotech's entry-level machine, the Optimizer HF is a hand-feed printer for low to medium daily print runs of RSC cases, multi-wall kraft bags and die cuts. It is equipped with the same rugged print module as all Iconotech printers. The Optimizer HF offers users the flexibility of starting with a stand-alone printer and adding automated in-feeding and exit material handling equipment to meet increased production needs as a business grows.

Optimizer SF Printer

The workhorse of the Iconotech line, the Optimizer SF is designed for medium to high volume daily print runs of flat RSC style cases. It features a heavy-duty shuttle feed system for the most trouble free feeding of corrugated cases. Maximum productivity is achieved at throughputs of up to 60 cases a minute with the addition of a restacker and return conveyor.

Optimizer KR-GB Printing System

The Optimizer KR-GB system is designed for multi-wall kraft gusset type bags. It consists of the Optimizer HF hand-feed printer integrated with a staging, indexing conveyor and vacuum feeder for high-volume printing of gusset bags. Adding a restaker and return conveyor provides productivity of up to 45 bags per minute.

Optimizer KR-U Printing System

The Optimizer KR-U provides universal feeding, printing and handling of RSC type corrugated cases, gusset or valve type multi-wall kraft bags and die cuts. It consists of a staging, indexing conveyor moving stacks of 60 valve type bags, 90 gusset type bags or 25 flat RSC cases to a servo driven lift table and vacuum feeder that moves each piece to the bed of the Optimizer HF printer. Adding a restacker and return conveyor provides nearly continuous productivity.

Customizer Printer

The Customizer is a stand-alone, hand-feed printer offering ultimate flexibility for low volume and specialized printing requirements. It prints a wide range of case, die cut, and kraft bag sizes with no limit on product length. It is ideal for very short run printing to even one-off custom-made boxes or odd shapes. Features of its specialization include adjustable print placement of its 32" long by 11" high print field within any length of case up to 10 feet and a movable print cylinder option for print placement across the width of the print product.
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Printing and Decorating Machinery
Iconotech printing systems provide a large 32" x 11" print field for text, graphics and bar codes on corrugated cases, multi-wall kraft bags and die cuts.
Iconotech printing systems meet GS-1 standards for consistently readable bar codes on batch runs of corrugated cases, multi-wall kraft bags, die cuts and blanks.
The Iconotech Process

A short demonstration of Iconotech's printing process.

Papa's Got Brand New Bag Printers

A demonstration of the Optimizer KR-GB system for printing gusset bags and the new Optimizer KR-U for valve bags, gusset bags, cases and diecuts.

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