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End-of-line packaging solutions specializing in: Marking - Coding - Labeling - Adhesive Systems - Case Sealing - Case Erecting - Robotic Palletizing

Pak-Tec offers a wide range of industrial coding, marking, and adhesive solutions with a focus on reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.  We are proud to represent some of the top names in the packaging industry such as Hitachi, Foxjet, Logopak, and Valco Melton.

Family-owned and operated since 1978, Pak-Tec has established itself as a leading industrial packaging partner across the Southeast by  providing elite customer service, comprehensive solution engineering, and the best technical support available.

Customer happiness and trust is paramount; it is at the forefront of every action we take and every decision we make.  We are committed to establishing collaborative partnerships with our customers based upon trust and accountability. Pak-Tec is an experienced, practical, and relentless partner who are eager to roll-up our sleeves and help.   We “get it”.  


Hitachi Industrial Inkjet Printers

Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet Systems (CIJ) are a world leader and industry innovator in industrial inkjet marking and coding. This non-contact marking system is perfect for small and large character marking on almost any substrate, including non-porous and porous substrates.  The robust design, versatile features, and state-of-the-art technology of our CIJ printers delivers high-speed marking and coding solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.  Hitachi delivers a clear advantage over the competitors through a engineering design focused  on providing end users with reliability, ease-of-use, care-free maintenance, and a reduction in total cost of ownership.
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Pak-Tec is a leading value-added distributor specializing in the marking and coding sector. We are proud to represent the top manufacturers across all of the various industrial printing technologies including CIJ, Thermal Transfer, Hot Stamp, Thermal Inkjet, Laser, and Indent Marking.
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