Ink-jet printer

By Packaging Digest Staff in Decorating on December 31, 2009

The SQ/2 Scorpion ink-jet printer is said to offer more versatility for printing high quality marks on a variety of products at a cost-effective price, the co. states. The printer is available as a water-based system for porous surfaces such as corrugated cases, or as a solvent-based system for printing nonporous products like plastics, metals, stretch films and coated corrugated, the co. says The SQ/2 Scorpion prints with two single-line printheads, or one Series 1600 printhead for bold, full character sizes and split-line capability from a single printhead. Whether users need separate printheads to print messages on two sides of a container, or a single printhead to print split-line small characters and/or bold characters on one side of a container, the printing system provides a flexible solution.

Squid Ink Mfg., 763/398-1735.

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