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ZeroSet from AVT



ZeroSet from Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) Ltd makes possible universal inspection—meaning even very short runs can be automatically inspected—leading to a direct improvement in overall quality control for jobs that, previously, may have been left uninspected. In addition, printing press operators utilizing ZeroSet do not need to define inspection system data nor print information during the printing process. This unattended operation greatly diminishes the likelihood of mistakes.


ZeroSet is enabled by linking prepress workflow with AVT's Automatic Inspection Solution. ZeroSet was created in partnership with Esko, who integrated the AVT Automatic Inspection Workflow with its Automation Engine version 12 (AE12) design and workflow software. The prepress operator identifies the critical areas in the job to be checked. The AE12 software then submits all setup-related parameters to the AVT Automatic Inspection Solution using Job Definition Format (JDF). This totally eliminates the need for printing press operators to set the system on-press.


Another benefit of AVT's ZeroSet is uniformity: an automation-triggered setup enables all users to start from the exact same quality specifications. The solution also easily addresses job audits.


Source: AVT





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