SATO America Announces CL4NX Thermal Printer With Full-Color Display And Built-In Video Tutorials

By Packaging Digest Staff in Digital Printing on April 02, 2014

SATO America a leader in barcode printing, labeling, and EPC/RFID solutions, announced today their revolutionary, new CL4NX Series of thermal barcode printers. The CL4NX boasts a myriad of features for the ultimate operator experience. A technological achievement in design, durability and ease of use, the CL4NX defeats the notion that all thermal barcode printers are created equal.

The CL4NX Series was skillfully crafted to support new and legacy printing applications across a wide array of verticals such as; warehousing, supply chain logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and retail; any vertical and application that would require a durable and dependable printer for years to come.

Gary Krause, SATO America’s Marketing Director noted; “Undoubtedly the new CL4NX is revolutionary. It is feature rich, easily surpassing today’s field of competitive printers, and truly does set a new height of expectation in operation performance and customer facing technology. It’s the next generation leader in barcode printers”.

  • Ultimate in user-friendly operability with 3.5-inch full-color display and built-in video tutorials and 30 user-selectable international languages
  • Ultimate in maintenance design with tool-free print heads and platens replacement
  • Ultimate in print quality consistent across a wide range of consumables
  • Best-in-class durability with its aluminum die-cast construction
  • Best-in-class data stream processing, throughput speed, and memory capacity
  • Best-in-class communication and emulation capabilities
  • Best-in-class scalability and expandability including RFID

The user-friendly operator panel provides simple operational indicators, with blue and red LEDs indicating normal operations or error conditions, respectively. The 3.5-inch full color LCD display provides high contrast for easy reading under all lighting conditions and features, the industry first, on-board video library of tutorials that help guide an operator in the printer’s operation. These videos provide instantaneous "self help" for operators and can also be used as an operations training tool.

The display can be configured for global deployments via its support of 30 user-selectable languages. Universal icons, similar to those found on a mobile phone or laptop, guide users through the printer menu.

A large side window makes it easy to check label and ink-ribbon levels, while the wide-angle print head opening provides 60-degree access for ease of maintenance. The bi-fold cover design reduces the overall area required for operating in restricted spaces, with a space reduction of 53% in width and 27% in height compared to other models. No tools are required for print head and platen replacement, which speeds maintenance procedures and minimizes printer downtime.

The CL4NX supports wound-in and wound-out label and tag stock, as well as coated-in and coated-out ribbon, on a wide variety of face stock and substrates. Synchronized ribbon and platen rollers eliminate ribbon wrinkle, while a label damper system provides consistent resistance to ensure print quality. The CL4NX supports up to a 10-inch OD media roll, and is available with an optional internal rewinder.

The printer also includes a high-energy mode, which increases power to the print head to obtain optimal print quality on hard-to-image material such as metal tags and synthetic films.

This Energy Star-compliant printer also features durable construction that includes, metal cabinetry, aluminum front panels, a die-cast aluminum frame and base plate, and a rugged print head mechanism. This makes the CL4NX ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, and other industrial or harsh environments.

Furthermore, the printer possesses abilities in supporting four user-selectable on-board emulations for customers desiring to upgrade their operations to the CL4NX and replace competitive and legacy installation units.

The CL4NX offers 256MB of SDRAM and 2GB of internal memory for format storage, large graphics, custom fonts and other downloads. The 800 MHz dual-CPU architecture supports real-time processing for exceptional throughput.

Standard on-board communication interfaces include LAN, USB (type A & B), IEEE 1284, RS-232C, EXT, and Bluetooth, as well as optional wireless LAN support for 802.11a/b/g/n.

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