Thermal printer: Product of the Day

By Kari Embree in Digital Printing on April 09, 2014

The CL4NX Series of thermal barcode printers offer an array of features to support new and existing printing applications over a broad spectrum of industry segments, such as warehousing, supply chain logistics, manufacturing and healthcare and retail.

The operator panel is intuitive and provides easy operational blue and red LED indicators that let the user know if it’s operating under normal circumstances or if there are any existing errors. The display is a full color LCD that is 3.5 in. and boasts a high contrast for simple reading despite whatever lighting condition. Also, there is an industry-first on-board video library full of tutorials that provide assistance to the operator. These self-help tutorials are ideal for training tools as well.

The display supports thirty languages which the operator can select making it suitable for global deployments. The icons are universal and are likened to those found on your very own mobile phone or computer.

There is a large window on the side of the printer that allows for quick access to check label and ink-ribbon levels and the wide-angle print head opening provides 60-degree entry for maintenance. The cover features a bi-fold design that reduces the entire area by 53% in width and 27% in height that’s required for operating in restricted spaces. No tools are necessary if the print head and platen need replacement which makes maintenance procedures a breeze.

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