Data Scale

Net Weight Filling and Material Handling Experts

Data Scale has been a leader in the development of standard and custom liquid filling equipment that meets the needs of discerning customers since 1970. Our capabilities include a wide range of filling equipment from pint size to 330 gallon containers with extremely high accuracy.

      Our concern for safety is at the foundation of all our equipment – whether its application is in the chemical, oil, hazardous materials, or food industry. Data Scale is the only manufacturer to provide a comprehensive array of patented, operational and safety features on every model we make as "standard" equipment.

      All of our products are backed by a nationwide service, complete documentation, and engineering support to respond to your technical questions. Training in equipment operation and maintenance is also provided.

From food processing to semi-conductor clean room applications to hazardous materials handling, Data Scale can satisfy your liquid packaging requirements.

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Data Scale is a leading manufacturer of automated liquid filling systems with the most extensive line of standard fillers and Turn-Key systems available for the broadest range of containers.