JDA Progress

JDA Progress is the manufacturer of vertical form fill sealing, piston and tube filling, bottle capping, and pressure sensitive labeler machines. We have been delivering high quality new and used machines in the packaging and filling business since 1988.

JDA PROGRESS INDUSTRIES is located in Toronto Canada. A family owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality packaging and filling machinery and systems, in business since 1988.Our product offering includes, vertical form fill sealing machine, piston filling machines, liquid filling machines, bottle capping machines, bottle labeling machines, pressure sensitive labeler, tube filling machines. JDA machines are durable and low maintenance, easy to operate and competitively priced.

OUR FACILITIES INCLUDE a large workshop and a permanent showroom, with spare parts in stock.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE customer product testing and demonstration. Training prior to delivery and after sales phone support are all provided at no extra cost when purchasing any of our products including piston or tube liquid filling, bottle capping or labeling machines.

OUR MACHINES CAN BE FOUND in factories across the world, packaging and filling all manner of products.

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We offer product testing, demonstration, and even training prior to your vertical form fill sealing, piston filling, bottle capping, tube filling, and pressure sensitive labeler machines being delivered. You can find our machines in factories worldwide.