BlenderPak is an optimized pouch for powdered drink mixes

By Rick Lingle in Flexible Packaging on May 29, 2014

You’ve likely never seen a pouch like this. I know I haven’t. Billed as the portable mixing pouch,  BlenderPak is a patent-pending single-serve, just-add-water package with a rigid fitment inside that acts both as a gripping structure and a mixing mechanism. BlenderPak from Perimeter Brand Packaging is designed to increase new usage occasions and draw in more users to the powder category.


The pouch is pre-filled with one serving of powder, so the consumer only needs to fill it with water, shake and drink.  The MixingMesh technology inside the pouch breaks up any clumps of powder to yield a smooth shake at the time of use.


BlenderPak is applicable for powdered products that need to be mixed with water, such as protein, meal replacement, nutraceuticals, sugared beverages and others.


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This is neat packaging innovation!