Easy-open end reduces metal, costs for food packaging

By Packaging Digest Staff in Food Packaging on July 28, 2014

Looks can be deceiving, such as for this food can end that looks and performs like any other food can end, yet it’s 20% lighter. That makes the Ultralite QT Easy-Open End the lightest-weight end of its kind in the U.S., claims supplier Silgan Containers.

“We are proud to be introducing a new Ultralite QT end as a product of our mission to provide customers with the highest quality at the lowest possible cost,” states Dave Wood, GM of engineering. “By reducing the metal used in can tops, this new product will deliver significant benefit throughout the supply chain, as well as help us achieve environmental sustainability objectives.”

The new top came out of a corporate initiative known as CanVision 20/20, aimed at identifying significant cost reductions throughout the supply chain to enhance metal food cans’ long-term competitiveness.

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