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Complete equipment systems for weighing, conveying, packaging, inspection and food processing.

Heat and Control is a single-source machinery supplier offering one of the widest ranges of equipment for packaging, inspection, and food processing. For machinery to weigh, convey, season, inspect, fill, and package food, pharmaceutical, and other non-food products, and complete food processing and cooking sysems, one call to Heat and Control does it all. We can provide one machine or a complete line with the pre- and post-sale technical support, engineering, parts, service, and training to keep it running at peak efficiency. "Ask H&C" today for full-service assistance with your next project!
* ISHIDA multihead weighers, checkweighers, X-ray inspecton, tray sealers, snack bagmakers.
* CEIA metal detectors
* Conveyors & product distribution systems
* Indexing & container filling systems
* Packaging platforms
* Control & information management systems
* Food preparation, cooking & seasoning systems
* Spray Dynamics coating application systems
* Installation services
* Demonstrations of processing, conveying, inspection & packaging equipment
* Ongoing technical support, service, parts & training
* Service centers on both coasts & over 30 offices worldwide

Our on-site and classroom training programs improve the efficiency of your operators and equipment line.
Heat and Control provides documentation for equipment operation, safety & sanitation procedures, service, parts, & maintenance.
Other services:
Equipment demonstrations, on-site and classroom training programs, spare parts, parts repair service, field service, custom engineering, installation, ongoing technical support.


Ishida RV Series open frame IP69K waterproof weighers

With electronic components housed in a separate waterproof cabinet up to 65 feet away, Ishida RV-Series 14-head weighers are fully accessible for cleaning.  Rated for IP69K, IP67, and IP66+ washdown, RV weighers are the industry’s most waterproof and have a sloped self-draining surfaces.

Eliminate false rejects with CEIA MS21 metal detectors

CEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detectors eliminate false rejects caused by product effect, yet maintain the highest level of sensitivity to all metal contaminants.   IP69K-rated for superior wash down protection, all CEIA 21-Series metal detectors feature conformal coated circuit boards for resistance to internal condensation.   Standard features include a single-button preview of detection settings, such as sensitivity level and estimated detection size of the three metal types. Bluetooth connectivity allows programming and data collection without physically accessing the detector’s interior, Ethernet connection capability, username/password access for multiple users, compliance with HACCP and FDA Title 21 CFR 11 for traceable inspection event recording and reporting are also standard.
Supplier Categories: 
Ishida multihead weighers with related conveyors, seasoning/coating applicators, VFFS snack bagmakers, metal detectors, X-ray inspection, checkweighers, fillers, platforms, and controls.
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