Recycled PET container offers versatility in food merchandising

By Kari Embree in Food Packaging on May 28, 2014

The Crystal Seal reFresh is a recycled post-consumer PET thermoformed food container that features a tamper-evident design with revealing package clarity. The product line from Placon comes in eight different sizes and shapes which make it suitable for several configurations and combinations of food offerings, such as fresh cut fruit and veggies, sandwiches, cookies to individual servings of pie.

“Every reFresh package is made with our EcoStar PET which contains high clarity, recycled plastic that we purchase in bales at our recycling facility, then wash and recycle into new packaging, “ says Jeff Lucash, director of sales – Placon Stock Products. “The containers are tamper-evident which helps assure consumers the package hasn’t been tampered with, and after use, the food containers can simply be tossed into recycling bins to be sorted, washed and reused again and again.”

The FDA food-grade line is 100 percent recyclable and allows for portion-sizes, multi-compartment packaging as well as accommodating half sandwiches and pre-packaged fresh meals with containers.

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