Seald Sweet's easy peelers appeals to kids

By Kari Embree in Food Packaging on July 09, 2014

Seald Sweet, a leading supplier of the citrus category, recently expanded its citrus offering to now include easy-to-peel sweet mandarins as part of the company’s citrus summer program. The colorful packaging features child friendly graphics that depict a girl named Mandarina—the namesake of the mandarin brand.

To ensure that the varieties are the best in the mandarin category, Seald Sweet worked with a well-established network of growers who invested in new plantings over the past decade.

“The varieties which are specifically selected to be packed in the Mandarina’s brand packaging are the best of the mandarin category,” says Mayda Sotomayor, Seald Sweet’s CEO. “It is our commitment to retailers and consumers that only the best, juiciest and sweetest varieties are packed in this brand. We consider Mandarina’s to be the ‘crème de le crème’ of easy-peelers.”

Kim Flores, director of marketing, Sealed Sweet, tells Packaging Digest, “As part of the industry initiative to improve the health and well-being of our nation’s children, we want to appeal to young consumers with this brand. Also we have seen tremendous growth in the mandarin category since we started developing our summer citrus program over fifteen years ago. Other suppliers have also become players in this program. As we’ve continued to develop relationships with our growers and encouraged the growth of new, exceptionally sweet and superior varieties, it became more important for us to differentiate our mandarins from others in the market. This new brand achieves this objective.

Consumers can find the sweet mandarins during the months of August through October, with conventional clementines available June through August. Also, included in the summer citrus line-up are navel oranges, Mineola Tangelos and Cara Cara (red) oranges.  


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