Tuna brands make a splash with innovative packaging

By Kari Embree in Food Packaging on July 23, 2014

Its packaging is iconic—or at least to me. To this day, the classic tuna metal can still evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia in me bringing me back—way back—when my mother would make her infamous tuna casserole. Many, many years later I still enjoy this healthy light meat because of its convenience and low-calories.

While the metal can is not going anywhere anytime soon, U.S.’s Bumble Bee has decided to re-launch its packaging in Ardagh’s cans paying homage to its 1950s heritage and is giving the larger 7 oz Heritage packs a retro look while adding a touch of modern convenience.

Echoing my earlier sentiment, Ardagh’s CEO comments on the packaging campaign:

"Bumble Bee Seafoods wanted to emphasize the 'sharing element' of its offering by reminding 'Baby Boomers' of one of the pleasant and abiding memories of their childhood such as Mom's handmade tuna salad for the family, as well as introducing the product to a new generation of consumers," says James Willich.

He adds: "But the packaging is updated by use of our Easy Open ends, answering the consumer's need for modern convenience."

Across the pond, another leading seafood brand is rolling out new packaging but in a revolutionary way by incorporating traceability. Europe’s John West, which is also using Ardagh’s cans, stresses the importance of sustainability and is now lending its credibility to its new Infusions product line with its “Can Tracker”, which plots the source of every can of tuna back to the ocean.

 Both tuna companies appear to be on trend with the consumer's need for convenience and innovation while still holding on to it's packaging values.

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