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All Packaging Machinery Corp. is a leading manufacturer of sealing machines for the packaging industry.

All Packaging Machinery Corporation was established in 1945, known then as Errich International Machinery. In 1982 Errich became All Packaging Machinery Corporation and moved its present headquarters to Ronkonkoma, New York. APM has been serving the Packaging Industry for over 60 years. APM prides itself in the fact that its machines are designed for durability, flexibility and simplicity of operation.

APM manufactures USDA-approved vertical and horizontal conveyorized sealing systems for pouches and bags. Other products include bag loaders, portable tabletop sealers, and validatable band sealers for medical pouches. APM also manufactures a compact vertical form/fill/seal machine using PE center-folded film on a roll to form a bag around the product. All machinery is configured specifically for each unique application. Practically any item that can be put in a plastic bag can utilize a bagger or sealer. Applications include the packaging of fresh or frozen food, bakery goods, candy, coffee, medical and pharmaceutical products, garments and textiles, industrial items, electronics, toys, crafts, pet supplies, paper goods, etc. APM maintains a complete in-house Engineering Staff to provide machine design and technical repair guidance for the end user's maintenance staff. Replacement parts are usually in stock and can be shipped within the same day for overnight delivery.


Horizontal Conveyorized Sealing Systems for High Speed Production

Model HCBS-1/8TX includes a bag top trim feature with a vacuum scrap removal and is designed to support heavier or bulky packages. An optional overhead compression assembly is available. Excellent for “layflat” packages such as tortillas, pizza, bakery, meat, poultry, and seafood.

Vertical Conveyorized Sealing Systems with Selective Components

The ideal choice for products packaged in bags that can be sealed in an upright position. Non-trim models are perfect for stand-up pouches!Model VCBSDM-3/8 6x5 is a USDA-approved Rotary Band Sealer with lower support conveyor. Crank handle adjustment for quick sealing height changeover. Trim Model VCBSDM-1/8TX 6x5 includes a bag top trimmer, vacuum scrap removal, dual motor drive, and synchronized lower carry conveyor. Upgrade options are available such as a stainless steel frame or an embossing coder.

Complete, Visible Validation for Medical Pouches

Model VBS-3/8-DH-10-V is supplied with verification ports for process validation of pressure, speed, and temperature. Embossing coder available. 3/8" wide hermetic seal. Pressure wheels can be added for more difficult to seal film and to provide flat seals. Dual heating and dual cooling bars offer faster sealing of difficult materials. Includes self-contained compressed air. Seals Tyvek® pouches at up to 40 feet per minute.

Conveyorized Sealers for a Limited Packaging Area

Portable Tabletop Conveyorized Model TCBSDM 3/8 6x3 is configured for versatility with smaller products and lightweight applications. Includes a synchronized conveyor. Ideal for candy, confections, and snacks in smaller stand-up pouches. The new crank handle adjustment allows easy seal height changes to seal pouches 2” up to 12” tall. Inquire also about our Horizontal Conveyorized Economy Model HCBSDM 1/8TX 12x5 E for “lay-flat” packages and to conserve production floor space. Great for start-up companies!

Simple, Clean and Neat Packaging Systems

Speedy Bag Packagers are designed for quick and easy product filling into pre-made bags on a wicket. With one simple motion, the operator places the product onto Speedy Bag Packager tray and pushes it into the already-opened bag then places it into the Gravity Sealer. The Gravity Sealer seals the package automatically or manually by Foot Switch. Drop sealer requires compressed air. Each machine can be purchased separately. 110v
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Heat Sealers
We manufacture a full line of bag loading, heat sealing and conveyorized band sealing machines. Band Sealer models include validatable models for use in sealing Medical Pouches.
Pouch Fillers and Sealers
We manufacture pouch and bag sealing equipment for a wide range of applications. Non-trim conveyorized sealing systems are perfect for stand-up pouches.

Click above to see the HCBS in operation with a 45 degree angle tilt


Click above to see the VCBSDM in operation

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