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InkJet, Inc. is the largest non-OEM supplier of industrial fluids and printers in the world. The company offers service and solutions in more than 55 countries and is established as a marking & coding leader in industries such as food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and graphics packaging.

InkJet, Inc. was established in 1989 through the rebellious spirit of its founder Thomas Quinlan and what was then a radical idea: to offer world class inks at a revolutionary price while making its customers’ needs the highest priority. Manufacturers now have an option for their consumables other than those produced by the OEM.

InkJet, Inc. is the largest non-OEM supplier of industrial fluids and printers in the world. The company supports the food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, and graphics packaging industries in more than 55 countries.

The InkJet, Inc., manufacturing facility is located on a 34-acre site in Willis, Texas, north of Houston. Last year, InkJet, Inc. supplied over 200,000 gallons of fluid to more 5,000 customers and produced more than 600 products for most major brands of non-impact printers. InkJet, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


Laser Marking System is making laser technology attainable for all production environments.

The LDR 7100 is the latest generation of an all digital laser coding and marking system. This allows for reliable, Laser Digital Resolution codes at speeds no scribing laser can touch. The LDR 7100 is an ingenious alternative to the expensive and complicated laser coding systems of the past.

Custom Ink Performance

With a comprehensive on-site laboratory, over 25 years of experience developing ink technologies, and a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, InkJet, Inc. can design and manufacture inks to meet your most unique and complex printing needs. If you are stumped by a printing or substrate challenge, we have the expertise and experience to create a custom solution to meet your needs. InkJet, Inc. takes great pride in the high-quality, innovative ink solutions we’ve developed using our tested and proved R&D process methodology.
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We develop and produce specialty coatings. We are the market leader in overprint varnishes and the technology leader in coatings for flexible packaging.
InkJet, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of industrial inkjet printers and high quality inks and solvents to meet stringent industrial packaging specifications.
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InkJet, Inc.'s Uptime Manifesto ensures you are maximizing the time your production line is up and running by providing the cleanest inks and most reliable printers and coding machines in the industry.

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