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By Rick Lingle in Inspection on August 11, 2015


The I²VS Lite, a simplified version of the Induction Integrity Verification System (I2VS) for bottles that employs a pioneering application of thermal imaging for induction integrity assurance, will be introduced at PELV. The new I²VS Lite utilizes the same dynamic thermal imaging technology as the original I²VS and, in terms of both machines’ primary purpose of induction seal inspection and analysis, is identical to its predecessor.  However, for the first time, the technology is presented in a configuration suitable to a wide range of packagers including those in food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, automotive and other industries.  

The systems provide online, 100% induction sealing integrity analysis of bottles without line slowdown by performing inspection through the closed cap, without physical contact in an entirely passive, non–destructive fashion. Its problem-solving capability is reflected in the above visual key. Check it out at DIR Technologies, Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth N-806.


Floaters in sealed bottles are a problem, especially if they leave a plant undetected…

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