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Langguth offers wet glue, hot melt and pressure sensitive automated labeling systems in both inline and rotary configurations.

Into its 8th decade Langguth GmbH is a family owned manufacturer of tailor made labeling and container handling equipment. Known for quality and innovative designs, Langguth exports more than 60% of sales through 40 agents around the globe.

Langguth's guiding principles are expressed as

  • Respecting our customers, suppliers and colleagues as partners.
  • Listening attentively with an open-mind.
  • Focusing on our customers' needs and exceeding their requirements.
  • Creating the best solution if the optimum is not yet available.
  • Committing ourselves to the design of high-quality solutions only.

For two decades Langguth-America has provided comprehensive sales and service to the North American market. Our customers enjoy domestic sourcing of service & parts.


Hot Melt
Hot Melt

hotLAN® 330 meets the demands of high speed flexible production. Tapered containers, hot fill PET, glass jars, recessed label panels match the capabilities of the hotLAN® 330.

Wet Glue
Wet Glue

wetLAN® 140 is our largest frame rotary labeler to meet the needs of high speed production for containers with multiple labels. Established in spirits, foods, and beverage industries the wetLAN® 140 delivers proven reliability for high value products. Designed to match evolving marketing demands, the wetLAN® 140 accepts a combination of pressure sensitive and wet glue labels.

Pail Handling
Pail Handling

The sysLAN® 710 provides reliable pail denesting for high value food and chemical/coatings products. Our denester designs accommodate incoming pail columns arranged right side up or upside down. Auxiliary components such as lidding, pressure testing, and integral labeling are available.

Custom Labeling Solutions
Custom Labeling Solutions

Whether converter or packager call Langguth for your special labeler projects. Take advantage of our 8 decades of product handling expertise. Complex shapes, large label formats, tapered containers, and precise placement are part of Langguth's tool box.

Self Adhesive
Self Adhesive

The selfLAN® 520 rotary pressure sensitive labeler applies multiple labels to ovals and other complex container shapes. Easy changeover, a robust frame, and state-of-the-art pressure sensitive heads highlight the benefits of the selfLAN® 520. With LANGGUTH's product handling experience, the most complicated shapes can be run on the selfLAN® 520.

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We manufacture tailor made labeling and container handling equipment. We provide comprehensive sales and service to the North American market.
We manufacture tailor made labeling and container handling equipment and are known for quality and innovative designs.

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