5 evergreen packaging topics that still matter to you

By Packaging Digest Staff in Packaging Design on December 09, 2016

Packaging is a dynamic market, with new trends continually emerging. But for all the turnover, some critical issues linger. Perhaps they are more complicated or build in importance. Either way, packaging professionals clearly appreciate our guidance to help them navigate through their concerns, as this list shows.

During our end-of-year review of top articles, we noticed a handful of articles from before 2016 that still show up in the top 20 articles of this year. In the top 20! Page views for these articles at PackagingDigest.com still number in the many thousands, thanks mostly to their rich SEO (search engine optimization) appeal. Search for these topics in your browser and, bam! our links rise to the top.

Permit me a moment to boast, though, about our excellent reporting, too. That’s where the value to our community lies. We take our job seriously of keeping you informed, energized and knowledgeable; and are proud of what we do.

As with our other “top” lists, we start at No.5 and work our way up. Enjoy!


5. Consumers shift packaging trends into overdrive

Almost two years ago, contributing writer and Tetra Pak executive Suley Muratoglu identified these 5 critical food and beverage packaging trends for 2015:

1. Packing packaging with personality (custom/personalized packaging)

2. Communicating with “Green Worriers” (sustainability)

3. Packaging for city dwellers (more frequent shopping; smaller households; easy to carry)

4. Designing for digital (ecommerce; online shopping)

5. Simplifying their lives (universal design)

His advice: “To fall into step with ever-more demanding and on-the-go consumers in 2015, packaging will need to up every aspect of its game. That means being greener; flawlessly functional; lighter and more compact; able to communicate its benefits clearly; and being not just highly visible, but fashionable as well.”

Turns out that Muratoglu’s keen insight into consumer trends and how they affect packaging decisions extends beyond the food and beverage markets, as well as through 2016—and, perhaps, even into 2017. Time will tell.

As an aside, this was the top article the year it was posted (2015).


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