5 packaging design trends on the way out in 2018: Page 5 of 5

By Pamela Webber in Packaging Design on December 20, 2017



5. Hyper-masculine packaging (in favor of feminine styles):

As more soothing pastels and soft edges move into the spotlight in 2018, packaging design is trending toward a more feminine overall aesthetic. As a result, we’re likely to see fewer hyper-stimulating, explosive design styles more closely associated with masculinity in the coming years.

Feminine packaging design by 99designs designer katerina k. for BitterFit.


We’re looking forward to seeing more innovation in packaging design and branding in 2018. Who knew packaging could be so exciting?


Pamela Webber is chief marketing officer at 99designs, where she heads up the global marketing team responsible for driving customer acquisition and increasing lifetime value of customers. In her role, Webber has penned many guest posts and bylines for marketing and small business publications, from CMO.com and Marketing Profs to SmallBizDaily, Small Business Opportunities and Success.com.


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Hate new trident gum packaging. Bring back the old 18 piece design.