5 popular packaging articles pinpoint 2 major topics

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Design on October 05, 2017

The two hottest topics in September 2017 on PackagingDigest.com were related to packaging design and sustainability, with leading examples from Oscar Mayer, Halen Brands, Dove, Nest and others capturing your attention.

Based on number of page views, here are the five most-popular articles from last month, presented in reverse order:

Page 1: #5. 9 sensory packaging wins and fails

Page 2: #4. Sustainable packaging is more important than ever

Page 3: #3. How to change plastic’s ‘waste’ reputation

Page 4: #2. Oscar Mayer hot dog labeling says ‘no no no;’ consumers say ‘yes yes yes’

Page 5: #1. Brand building through irresistible packaging design


#5. 9 sensory packaging wins and fails

When a package appeals to more than just a consumer’s sight, does it have a better chance of getting bought? If it’s done right, it does. Sensory packaging also includes tactile materials, scents or sounds.

Jill Ahern is the senior director, consulting services, packaging, at HAVI shows us what works—and what doesn’t—for nine different examples. Here is how she scores them:

1. Win: Dove Men Care

2. Fail: Screw-Cap Wine

3. Win: Nest Thermostat

4. Fail: Frozen Meals Category

5. Win: Bib & Tucker bourbon whiskey bottle

6. Fail: Salty Snack Bags

7. Win: Belvedere Night Saber

8. Fail: Extremely Light-Weighted Water Bottles

9. Win: Scented Adhesives

How would you score them?


NEXT: #4. Sustainable packaging is more important than ever


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