A-C-T, Inc.

A-C-T is a supplier of Polyolefin and Elastomeric Sponge materials. Materials are available in Rolls, Buns, or Extrusions. IXPE, XLPE, EVA, EPDM, Neoprene, Vinyl Nitrile are some of the materials provided.

Founded in 2012, A-C-T is quickly becoming a leader in the distributiion and supply of Elastomeric and Polyethylene Sponge materials to fabricators, OEM's and distributors in North America. We offer extensive knowledge of materials and applications and offer 25 plus years of Industry experience.  If we don't offer the material that you require, we are happy to suggest options to help your project succeed.


PE and EVA Buns, IXPE Roll materials.

PE and EVA Buns, IXPE Roll materials can be used in a variety of applications. From Dunnage and other packaging needing a material with a Class A finish to medical and beauty products. These materials can be formed, die cut, laminated and many other processes to create a finished item.

Semi-Open and Closed Cell EPDM and Vinyl Nitriles

Semi-Open and Closed Cell EPDM and Vinyl Nitriles are used in a variety of insulation, cushioning, gasketing, gap filling and other applications. These materials can be die cut to create the shape required.
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A-C-T provides Polyolefin Foams that are Irradiated or Chemically Cross-Linked. We also offer Elastomeric Sponge such as Vinyl Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, and SBR. A variety of densities, guages, sizes are available.