Summer personal care promotions highlight convenience, design

By Packaging Digest Staff in Packaging Design on June 23, 2014

New packages found among the weekend’s Free Standing Inserts include a succulent-looking shampoo bottle and Coppertone’s AccuSpray technology for controlled sunscreen application.


A weekend ritual of mine as it is for millions is to read through the big Sunday newspaper. Sadly, it’s the only printed newspaper I read anymore. Nonetheless, a favorite section of mine is for the FSIs—Free Standing Inserts. FSIs are those colorful sheets of product advertisements where you can always find good deals on promoted products and new packaged product launches. The perusing process seamlessly combines my personal and professional interests.


Two of this week’s offerings of interest are for personal care products, the first of which is synonymous with summertime: Coppertone skincare products. What caught my attention was Coppertone Sport’s AccuSpray dispenser, which according to the ad copy is “designed to help spray where you want, not where you don’t.”

Who doesn’t want that?

A check of the company website revealed that this is the only sunscreen product line with this patented technology that offers “Continuous spray sunscreen you can control - designed to help reduce waste and mess!”  


Coppertone Sport is available in a 6-oz blue bottle in four different SPF levels from 15 to 70.


Going coconuts in a beautiful way


With coconut water popular as a beverage and as an ingredient, the other product that caught my eye was for ogx beauty’s Coconut Water Shampoo. The white oval container with the striking bronze closure and tasteful design as placed in the ad for this product line looks so beautiful I’d want to drink from it if I didn’t know it was for hair. Available also as conditioner and hydration oil as shown in the FSI, the brand owner also has a line of 8 coconut milk products if you’re really into coconut.


It also struck me that the company’s nearly 20 different lines of products offer a unified look that demonstrates a well-executed, strategic approach to packaging.


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