Laser scoring for flexible packaging

By Packaging Digest Staff in Packaging Design on February 25, 2013


Flexpak LaserLaserSharp FlexPak Services offers a laser scoring process to create a peel-and-reclose application for the flexible packaging industry. Peel and reclose applications enable packages to be easily opened and closed, while maintaining the integrity of its contents. The peel-and-reclose application is often used to preserve perishable food items such as produce, cheese, and cookies, and other products like cleansing wipes.


A pressure sensitive adhesive label, combined with LaserSharp technology, is used to create an easy-open package. The laser scored pattern is not limited to any shape or size, allowing LaserSharp FlexPak Services to create a specific pattern to meet your packaging needs. This process is suitable for a wide variety of film structures and packaging types, including trays, stand up pouches, and pillow pouches. For convenience purposes, an easy-open pull tab can also be added to the package.


FlexPak Services

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