Nonalcoholic malt beverage launches in premium packaging

Addressing the need for a nonalcoholic malt drink for malt aficionados, Kato Enterprises Ltd. introduces Ultimalt to the UK market in  premium packaging.

The drink is housed in a proprietary glass bottle design specifically for the brand. Package decoration is provided by a pressure-sensitive labeling. The labels were printed by Spear using a 6-color screen/flexo combination on a metalized film. The converter says the label’s eye-catching design is accentuated by semi-opaque colors to achieve an elegant metallic sheen.

All design elements are intended to convey a high-end, premium feel for the product. “The highest quality brewing processes, the beautifully engineered bespoke bottle, the elegant packaging, and last but certainly not least, a full malt flavor fortified with B vitamins for nourishing goodness,” remarks Kato Enterprises director Kayode Toyinbo. 


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