Packaging touts charged-up chocolate

By Jenni Spinner in Packaging Design on October 21, 2012

Energems energy-supplement candyIt was a "eureka" moment when the creators of the new dietary supplement Energems realized that real milk chocolate combined with energy would revolutionize the energy supplement industry. So, it was no surprise that at the recent National Association of Convenience Stores trade show that their new product garnered rave reviews and lots of "buzz". The geniuses at NRG Innovations, LLC saw a need for an energy supplement that fit the on-the-go lifestyle of its customer but also tasted great+. They worked with a renowned research group to develop a portable, no mess, no melt, hard-shelled treat that gives an energy boost+. "We knew we had a phenomenal product that would be well received, but we were delighted to have such a tremendous response to Energems at NACS," stated Joe Fairleigh, VP of Sales.


Each box of Energems contains nine convenient "gems" made with real milk chocolate and the developers' exclusive energy blend, all wrapped in a hard coated tasty shell+. Energems are available in three delicious flavors - milk chocolate, mint chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate. Three Energems = one cup of strong coffee. Each box holds three servings for energy throughout the day- as needed when needed+. Finally, a dietary supplement that allows you to be in control of how much energy you get, when you get it and where you get it+.


Energems is expected in stores January 2013.


Source: Energems

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