PET bottle engineered for crystal glass-like effect

By Packaging Digest Staff in Packaging Design on August 04, 2014

Intended for the hotel-restaurant-catering market, this water from Bulgaria makes a classy debut in a crystal-glass-like 330-mL PET bottle.


Devin, the best-selling and best-known mineral water brand in Bulgaria, chose the P.E.T. Engineering design team to develop its new packaging for the launch of its Devin - Crystal Line, bottled water intended for the hotel-restaurant-catering (ho-re-ca) segments that imparts a premium imagery at a low cost. The bottled water launched about a month ago.


The sophisticated design and a glass effect finish capable combine the unbreakability, lightweight and low-cost advantages of PET with the elegance, character and refined simplicity in the package design that define a premium water.


P.E.T Engineering’s designers took their cues from crystal glass and repeated those elements in a  three-dimensional space to create an elaborate design that runs from the bottle base to the top.


Crucial to the net effect is the use of a specific resin, Novapet's Glasstar polymer, that mimics the transparency of glass and with refractive properties that enable the bottle to shines like crystal in light.


The blue and silver label and color-matched closure complete a unified design effort.


 Packaging Digest solicited Elisa Zanellato, P.E.T. Engineering’s marketing & communication manager, who provided the following additional information:


  • Including prototyping, lab test and molds, the bottle was in development for four months.
  • One special consideration was that we tested Novapet’s material in our lab to satisfy the customer’s technical requirements. [Click here for more information on the Glasstar polymer.]
  • These bottles are lighter than corresponding glass bottles, but I cannot confirm the thickness or if they are as thick as a glass bottle.



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