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US Magic Box is a packaging design company leveraging the best of recent technology in a smart efficient team, yielding results to our clients.

U.S. MAGIC BOX® was established 9 years ago in Garfield, New Jersey by Sam Omar.  He has over 20 years of experience in packaging design, development and display manufacturing.  Highly educated in the field, Omar got his break when he landed a big contract with Phillip Morris company in the late 80's. Gaining trust and experience from a big company combined with his passion for being the best at what he does led him to the idea of starting up his own company.  

U.S. MAGIC BOX® was born. After being recognized as one of the most innovative box designers in the entire industry, Sam Omar was becoming a household name with fortune 500 companies such as Fuji, Pfizer, and Aramark to name a few. 

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U.S. MAGIC BOX® is involved in all the aspects of package design and development since 1992. Our Company has 136 registered patented design and 16 national and international design awards.

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Phone: 973-772-2070

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221 Macarthur Avenue
Garfield, NJ
United States
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