40 x 24-inch half pallet

By Packaging Digest Staff in Pallets on October 27, 2013


CHEP half palletA half pallet set for launch in November is suitable for in-process, in-aisle display and other applications where full-size pallets may be less practical or desirable. Made of quality timber from a controlled environment (primarily kiln-dried Southern Yellow Pine), the 40 x 24-inch half pallet is designed for consistency with galvanized steel blocks that allow for 21-inch wide pallet jack entry.


The half pallet has been rated for single unit loads of up to 1,200 lb and offers 90 percent top deck coverage to accommodate smaller packaging. Empty pallets can be stored (stacked) up to 19 high in a trailer. The pallet is not designed for edge racking, though it is rackable with underpinnings such as a full-size pallet.


It is a general purpose pallet that can be safely used for most applications. Pallets are inspected and repaired by CHEP in accordance with its quality control policy. All equipment is rented under CHEP standard terms and conditions. Pallets are identified with the heat-embossed words: Property of CHEP.


Width 24 in.
Depth 40 in.
Height 5.6 in.
Weight 38 lb
Truck load quantity: 1,000





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