Packaging Patent: Burst pouch reduces mess, materials for liquid mixes

By Packaging Digest Staff in Pouches on February 06, 2014

MaxPax LLC set out to change the way concentrates as well as other liquids are manufactured, distributed and consumed with the invention of the Burst Pouch. It reduces the problems for current solutions that are packaged in one of two formats, either a bottle—which makes measuring and transferring a hassle—or a flexible pouch that can spill and almost guarantees a mess when pouring.

The Burst Pouch is a flexible pouch, with a layer of poly-film sealed inside to create chambers. The consumer can cut the bottom of the pouch, place it into a desired container and squeeze—forcing the liquid to “burst” through the poly membrane and into the desired container.

Applicable markets include cleaners, personal care items and home and garden products.

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