Erectastep modular work platforms and aluminum stairs are pre-engineered for unlimited configurations.

Just imagine what could be accomplished if pipe, conduit and equipment that gobbles up floorspace could be traversed by going over instead of around. That is what Erect A Step allows you to do - crossover conveyors and equipment, reclaim otherwise unusable floor space, and use more of the cube.

Erect A Step describes their modular crossover and work platform systems are "Safety Made Simple", with platform, stair, ladder, tower support and handrail units in an infinite number of configurations to match specific requirements for each application. Use in manufacturing, distribution, oil field, and many more industries to overcome the frustrating and inefficient attributes of facility layouts.

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Custom and Specialty Equipment
We offer fully modular platforms, stairs, rails, ladders, and supports let you create exactly the crossover, ladder, or platform you need.