Sage Automation

Sage Automation is a manufacturer of gantry robotic systems as well as a certified integrator for Fanuc Robotics.

Few companies can lay claim to the individuals who have pioneered the products they sell. But then again, that's what helps set Sage Automation apart in the robotics and automation industry.


Behind the engineering powerhouse that is Sage, resides Don Cawley and his son Cliff Cawley, inventing and re-inventing designs in industrial automation on a daily basis. Problems that seem impossible to most engineers are all "just in a day's work" by Don Cawley's work ethic. But when you've got 50+ years of experience single-handedly, you probably can solve most any engineering problem.


Don's father Cliff started his own machine shop in the 1940s which led to Don's early interest in machining, automation, and later robotics. Building on his father's knowledge and resources, Don founded his own machining company in 1964. While in business, he pioneered Gantry Robots and in 1981 had the word "Machine" in his company name changed to "Robotics."

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Established in 1995, Sage Automation has engineered, designed, fabricated, and installed many large and small robotic material-handling systems.