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Allstrap is one of the largest strapping distributors in North America. This comprehensive approach enables Allstrap to provide a vast assortment of products and services to over 2,500 customers in steel service, lumber, manufacturing, and distribution industries.
  • Offering tool repair, rentals, demos, and part orders
  • Selecting the right tool from across many brands and machines
  • Optimizing strapping (Steel, Cord, PET, PP, Nylon), strengths, and skid configurations
  • High-volume purchasing power
  • Multiple suppliers across all product categories
  • Direct and warehouse availability, including consignment
  • Specialized sales team
  • Expertise in market conditions in various products
  • Single source for all strapping needs

Golden Bear’s Kodiak Tensioner

BRAND NEW, expected release of March 2017! The Kodiak Battery Steel Tool is the first tool to tension, seal, and cut 1 1/4” high tensile steel strapping! Golden bear’s newest tool is expected to be released first quarter of ’17. Speed up your line using the single button operation. Simply hit go, and the tool will pull up, seal, and cut all in one. Let the tool do the work, and there isn’t even a second button to hit! Versatility - This revolutionary combo tool is lightweight at 14.5 pounds, which means your not tied to an air hose and balancer. The battery power lets you lose the pneumatic hose to take it around the shop or yard. It is fast and strong, pulling 1,700 lbs. of tension. There is an optional counter balance arm to suspend from a tool balancer at a stationary work station.

Signode’s SLB Sealless

New from Signode!The SLB Sealless 1/2" - 3/4" for steel strapping. Call Allstrap for pricing and availability.

Golden Bear’s C11 Battery Tensioner

Need an easy way to pull cord strap tight? This is the most convenient way to use cord strapping yet!> The C11 tool comes with 2 batteries (5 amp hour, 18 volt lithium) and a charger. >  There are no pneumatic lines to drag and the battery last up to 300 pulls. >  This tool uses a patent pending method to drive the windlass tensioner.  The standard C11 cord tensioner uses a Milwaukee fuel M18 to power it, or you can upgrade to the German made Metabo. > With the Metabo drill, chargers are available for the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. >  Some drill versions have adjustable tension.  With the M18 fuel (with One key), you can set the tool through bluetooth for a specific tension.  The Metabo has a dial to limit the torque.  This lets you limit how hard you pull.>  The drill was designed for tough out door use.  It is perfect for loading rail cars and containers. >  There is enough power for the most demanding loads, 2800 pounds of tension makes it the strongest tool on the market.

Golden Bear’s C12 Battery Powered Tensioner

> This C12 tool is brand new banding tool from Golden Bear. > Use it on woven and composite strapping 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2". > This is a mid duty tensioner, and is powered by a brushless motor. > Includes two batteries (4 amp, and 2 amp) and charger. > There are two versions of this tool available. The standard C12 version and and a stronger C12HD (click to link).  > The C12 is the lightest in its class at just 8 pounds.

Golden Bear's C12HD Battery Operated Tensioner

Coming April of 2016, preorder now! > The C12HD tool is BRAND NEW from Golden Bear. > Use it on cord strapping for 3/4", 1", and 1 1/4” (woven and composite), or lashing  1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 5/8", and 2". > The C12HD is a heavy duty version of the C12 (click to link), it has 2,000 pounds of tensioning power! It is powered by a brushless motor for a great run time. > Includes two 4 amp hour batteries and charger. > The CS12HD weighs 9 pounds. The C12HD cord strapping tool is an upgraded version of the C12. It has the same form, but the insides are beefed up. It has 1 handed loading and unloading of cord strap.  It has great motility with battery power. The stronger internal components only cost 1 extra pound, and give the power a 2X boost!
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Allstrap is one of the largest strapping distributors in North America. Single source for all strapping needs
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Pneumatic Push Style Combination Tool

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