AMA Laboratories, Inc.

AMA started life as a small scale safety testing facility for cosmetic products applied to the skin in the mid 80's. With a handful of employees AMA concentrated on RIPT, irritation and sensitization related work on its infancy.

AMA became involved with lab scale photography, and through these developments we came to realize that there was a real need for visually substantiated, unaltered images for use in both marketing and the physical documentation of product efficacy.  From this core concept we developed Matched-Scientific Photography which has now been approved by various international regulatory groups throughout the world.  As we continued to develop our photographic techniques we began to explore the possibilities of standardized measurement techniques which could be applied directly to the original controlled photographs to document everything from color changes to wrinkle reduction.  Today these techniques fall under the scope of Photogrammetrix, a proprietary technique involving color threshold analysis and quantifying changes to the topography of the skin through a number of advanced imaging techniques.  For more information please visit our Photography section.

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