Top 7 trends in healthcare packaging

By Daphne Allen in Standards on December 09, 2016

Much more is required of packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical devices these days. In 2016, healthcare packaging professionals managed several emerging regulatory requirements and market demands. We count down to the top trends impacting packaging decisions, as evident in seven of 2016's most popular articles on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging issues.


7. We start with Unique Device Identification (UDI). This year, medical device manufacturers had to ensure that their Class III devices were permanently marked with UDI on the devices themselves if they are intended to be used more than once and are intended to be reprocessed before use. In addition, all Class II devices all had to carry UDI on their labels and packages, and the dates on these labels must meet formatting rules (implantable, life-saving, and life-sustaining Class I and II devices have had to carry UDI labeling since September 2015). 

Kasey Tipping of Cognex authored an article addressing some of the readability issues medical device manufacturers are encountering with UDI codes and how sophisticated vision technology could help address them. Her article, "8 potential UDI code readability issues and the critical role of vision," was the 7th most popular trend article in terms of total page views for the year. The image above shows one solution for overcoming warped 2-D DataMatrix codes or codes with missing perimeter features, Cognex's 2DMax with PowerGrid algorithm. Please see Tipping's article for more details and the 8 potential challenges.

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These are the best Top 7 trends in healthcare packaging.
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