8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017: Page 6 of 8

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2017

#3. Are refill stations the answer to packaging waste?

In olden days, the milkman would pick up your empty bottles and refill them. Today, many beer drinkers refill growlers with their favorite craft brews. And while refillable packaging is not something the majority of people would want, it is still an eco-option.

TerraCycle founder/CEO Tom Szaky (remember him from the #8 article on this list?) says Americans can cut packaging waste by reusing the containers we already have at refilling stations. In this April 2015 article, he mentions a couple stores—one on the west coast and one on the east coast—that cater to the BYO (bring your own) refillable container concept.

And have you heard of Replenish, the innovative refill pod that mates to a reusable container? Or the smartphone app Bulk that helps you locate stores where you can buy products and take them home in your own container?

All Szaky is saying is, give refills a chance.


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