8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017: Page 8 of 8

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Sustainable Packaging on December 21, 2017

#1. 5 exciting, emerging sustainable packaging materials to watch in 2016

Hmmm…think there’s a burning desire for information about new packaging materials that are sustainable? THERE IS. We posted this article in February 2016 but it vaulted to our #1 spot this year—by almost double the number of page views as our #2 article in this list.

Part of the reason this is such a popular article is that some of the technologies are still emerging. The five packaging material developments that author Shane Bertsch, vp of innovation at HAVI Global Solutions (HGS), found most promising are:

1. Sustainable Aqueous Barrier Coatings

2. Molded Fiber Printing

3. Light Weight Insulation

4. Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) Specialty Fiber

5. Micro-Pattern Material Enhancement

Which ones tickle your fancy?



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