Eco-friendly water comes packaged in a box

By Kari Embree in Sustainable Packaging on December 02, 2013
Icebox waterWant to change the world? Experts and leaders agree that making a difference doesn't happen overnight. Realistically, changing the world requires that a community make small choices to better their actions daily. Shifting the way communities think and act in the smallest of ways will slowly, yet surely, result in change on a larger spectrum-whether the goal is to harness innovation, protect the planet, or achieve world peace. Icebox is making global betterment their business by providing sustainably sourced spring water in an eco-friendly package!

Mindful matters
One family at a time, Icebox is bringing change to the table with their fresh, safe, and eco-friendly water. Packaged sustainably at the source of a fresh spring, Icebox is making a huge difference in a small way by providing an eco-conscious and healthy product for families nationwide.


Health, value, and convenience are vital when shopping for a family, but it is also important to protect the environment in order to create a better world in which future generations can thrive. How families live and shop makes an impact on the world daily. Make mindful choices at the store by choosing products that come in recyclable packaging, are responsibly sourced, and have a vision to change the world in a positive way.


Make a positive impact
Icebox gives consumers the power to personally help protect their environment from the harmful process of manufacturing PET bottled water, while also protecting their families from products that are harmful to their health. Making the simple switch to Iceboxis a small step with a huge impact. Drink a better water to build a better world-one box at a time!



Source: Icebox



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harmful process of manufacturing PET bottled water??? Really - compared to a lamination of poly and bleached paper??
How can you regurgitate this stuff without comment? Because of their complex construction, cartons have the poorest recycling record, unless it is considered that burning them to recover the energy qualifies. PET has a slightly better record but not as good as aluminium cans.
Recycling matters aside - why do we need to ship water from Norway? You thirsty? Open your tap.
What amazes me is how many people believe this tripe. What about the harm to the environment the fossil fuels cause shipping water from Norway? Come on people, wake up and reject the enviro-wackos and their agenda!