Mike's Sleek can is light on the scales

By Kari Embree in Sustainable Packaging on June 25, 2014

To coincide with recent flavor additions and an updated packaging design from earlier this year, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. has expanded its packaging mix to include 8-oz cans. The Chicago-based adult beverage company decided to launch these smaller sizes in efforts to broaden its reach among consumers and to also accommodate its customer’s on-the-go lives.

According to Internal Consumer Research Study by Kelton Global, across the Progressive Adult Beverage category, these smaller serving sizes continue to grow in popularity, with sales of 8- oz. can 12-packs increasing 237 percent compared to last year.

Packaging Digest interviewed Kyle Wortham, senior director of marketing for Mike's Hard Lemonade Co., to find out more about the company’s decision to roll out its 8-oz. Sleek can from Rexam.

What is the motivation behind Mike’s recent activity in introducing new products/packaging?

Wortham: This unique packaging option is another way that we are responding to the needs and wants of our customers who are increasingly looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite mike’s drinks. Consumers also love to share the 8-oz can 12-packs at social occasions and offer their friends new refreshing, flavorful drinks.

What design trends does your packaging set in the adult beverage market?

Wortham: We have the unique advantage of our iconic lemon logo and that’s something that we use prominently in our outer packages and on our cans. The name “mike’s” has high recognition and it signals heritage, quality flavors and taste to consumers.

Did sustainability play a role in the package development?

Wortham: Absolutely. One of the biggest benefits of offering yet another canned product to our consumers is that aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

To read more about Mike's new packaging, flavors and updated logo visit http://pdlinks.com/SeNAIz.


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