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Mondi is a leading international packaging and paper group with operations across 30 countries with over 25,700 employees.

Mondi is an international packaging and paper Group, with production operations across 30 countries and over 25,700 employees. Its key operations and interests are in central Europe, Russia and South Africa.

At Mondi, our vision is straightforward – to create long-term value for our stakeholders by transforming renewable natural resources into innovative product solutions that meet customer needs in a responsible, cost-effective and sustainable way. Mondi aims to be the best-performing packaging and paper Group in the world. We recognise the need to integrate sound principles governing safety, business conduct, social, environmental and economic activities into business practices and decision-making.

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We offer consumer barrier films are special purpose films and can consist of up to 14 film layers. They have excellent barrier properties and, depending on the requirements, the barrier layers can have special features/finishes such as gas barrier, scent barrier, UV absorber, etc.
We specialise in the development and production of release liners for point-of-sale labelling, primary labels for the food and cosmetics industries and VIP/business systems labels.
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