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So-Cal Solar Inc. helping businesses make the switch to solar while still maintaining a strong ROI.

At So-Cal Solar Inc., we pride ourselves on our unwavering integrity and commitment to quality that we bring to every installation. Our customer service is unparalleled in the solar industry. Dedication to our core values of service, innovation, positive change, and customer satisfaction is what drives us to constantly raise our own standards. It is precisely that level of dedication that has led to our phenomenal growth over the last decade. From our humble beginnings at the turn of the century, So-Cal Solar Inc. has steadily grown and expanded to serve the needs of its customers. Currently So-Cal Solar Inc. is operating throughout all of California and we are proud to announce that we have now successfully installed over 4 MegaWatts in both commercial and residential solar systems.

As a full service solar energy system provider, we are dedicated to walking our customers through each phase of a solar system purchase. We will be with you from the consultation stage through installation and beyond. To best analyze a customer’s solar needs, we begin by assessing your 12-month energy usage. We then take the time to educate our customers about past, present and future energy needs. In most cases, our in-depth analysis shows that going green is not only the environmental choice, but also the economical one. Finally our expert designers create a custom solar electric system that is tailor-made for your specific needs and that is ready for installation in your home or business. Rest assured, no matter how big or small the job, we have the right people for the job.

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So-Cal Solar Inc. has been leading the solar revolution for over 10 years now by providing solar electric systems to commercial as well as residential users.