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By Chandler Slavin in Sustainable Packaging on June 02, 2017

Like any evolving topic, sustainable packaging has gone from singular to multiple dimensions over time. And each added element triggers new thoughts, new discussions.

Last year after the sustainable packaging conference SustPack 2016, I compiled the popular tweets into four categories that demonstrated the four active areas of sustainable packaging discussed. As I began to do the same with this year’s SustPack 2017 tweets (Scottsdale, AZ: April 24-26), the complexity of the task became quickly apparent.

This inability to separate the conference’s tweets into categorical silos demonstrates how the dialogue of the sustainable packaging community continues to become further integrated: You can’t discuss sustainable packaging without discussing the multitude of issues surrounding material sourcing and conversion, packaging use and end-of-life management—not to mention, the intersection of the specific geopolitical and socio-economic realities of where the package is being produced, used and disposed of.

Because sustainable packaging is being understood as part of this complex global network, the conversations and tweets at SustPack17 were just that…completely integrated, with one topic igniting another, like neuron transmitters in the brain. (Photo above Designed by Freepik)

Thus, I have organized the #SustPack17 tweets as a conceptual flow chart, with one theme transitioning into another.

Page 1: Amazon/Supply Chain

Page 2: Brands (Target, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Nike, Reynolds Wrap)

Page 3: Plastics Pollution & Feedstock

Page 4: Compostable Packaging & Food Waste


1. Amazon / Supply Chain

[The Amazon presentation is propriety; thus, no images from the presentation will be shared here.]


Brent Nelson


@DordanMfg: Brent Nelson @amazon describes “frictionless retail” of #amazongo where you grab and go #SustPack17 #packaging #technology

@barbararfowler: 27 million usd of packaging going through ecommerce @amazon #SustPack17 @SPCspotlight

@SustPack: According to @amazon, e-Commerce has a unique potential to reduce waste in the environment by eliminating excessive packaging #SustPack17

@FisherKyla: Amazon: the image without pckg sells more than others. Does pckg play a lesser role in ecommerce? Opp to re-imagine role of pckg.#SustPack17

@FisherKyla: @amazon call to action for industry collaboration #SustPack17

@SustPack: “We must partner together as an industry now to innovate product and packaging for e-Commerce that delivers” #amazon #SustPack17

@barbararfowler: Product handled a minimum 20 times from supply chain to customer #ecommerce #SustPack17 @amazon @SPCspotlight

@lisajmpierce: #package journey thru @amazon fulfillment center; fascinating video & commentary from @BrentNelson2013 #SustPack17

@FisherKyla: @amazon: Brent Nelson: our vision is to have ship ready packaging no need to add Amazon overlay box #SustPack17


@SustPack: @amazon Frustration free packaging has conserved 164,000,000 overboxes and saved over 1,085,000 trees #SustPack17


@DrGailB: @BrentNelson2013 TY for a fantastic presentation! #SustPack17 #Highlight The future of ecommerce is frustration free packaging!

@JeffWoosterRS: Damaging a product during distribution is the worst thing you can do for sustainability - Andrew J Gruber @ISTAmatters #SustPack17

@FisherKyla: ISTA and @AMERIPEN both agree. Considerable shifts in supply chain requires re-evaluation of packaging to respond to shifts #sustpack17

@lisajmpierce: AJ Gruver, ISTA prez, warns that the futuristic supply chain may be closer then we think. Is #pkg ready? #SustPack17

@JeffWoosterRS: Change is happening fast in e-commerce - expected to double in less than five years #SustPack17


NEXT: BRANDS (Target, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Nike, Reynolds Wrap)

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