IPS Testing

IPS serves as an independent testing lab for the nonwovens, personal care products, medical supply, paper, corrugated, food and packaging industries.

Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, Integrated Paper Services (IPS), Inc., serves as an independent testing lab for the paper and pulp, packaging, nonwovens, personal care products, medical supplies and allied industries.

IPS Testing was founded in Appleton, WI in 1989 and grew out of the Institute of Paper Chemistry. For 25 years, IPS has combined physical and analytical testing with interpretive data analysis to offer testing services that help improve and ensure the quality of countless products and many household names you have come to trust.

Grounded in sound processes, the staff of IPS Testing has years of experience in operations as well as physical and analytical testing in both the consumer and supplier environments. By focusing exclusively on paper and nonwoven based products, IPS has built a reputation as an industry expert. Our industry focus has remained the same but our breadth of services continues to expand. Most recently, IPS has added a number of services addressing product stewardship to include regulatory testing, recyclability and repulpability, and flushability testing.

Our U.S. independent testing laboratory provides testing data and analyses to leaders in the following industries:

  • Paper, Pulp and Print Materials
  • Medical Supplies
  • Personal Care and Absorbent Products
  • Nonwovens and Consumer Products
  • Packaging Industries

IPS’s Test Lab Highlights•ISO 17025 accredited (Certificate: AT-1659).3,000 square feet of Analytical Chemistry and Microscopy Laboratory space

  • Perform ISO, ASTM, WSP, AATCC and TAPPI test methods
  • Best-in-class fiber and analytical testing expertise
  • 5,500 square feet of TAPPI temperature and humidity-controlled physical and paper testing lab space
  • 2,000 square foot Flushability lab

Industry leaders trust IPS to provide the analytical solutions and testing they need. We can help you define quality with numbers, so you can back up product claims, analyze the competition, and make real, measurable improvements in your own products. Your objectives, your standards, your focus – that’s our specialty at IPS.

IPS Testing provides independent services that touch the lives of millions of people. We are the largest lab that provides specialized testing services to the paper, nonwovens, packaging and consumer products industries.

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Testing and Certification
Key skills include: analytical and physical testing, fiber science and microscopy, defect analysis, flushability, quality control, reverse engineering, regulatory, and sustainability testing.